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Here you will find the best digital marketing books for beginners and those who are not quite ready to invest in outsourced marketing campaigns just yet.

With low cost and low-risk digital products we hope you find some great tips to improve your digital marketing skills here.

Please check out our course offers and digital marketing books to aid your online strategy.

We aim to source resources for all aspects of digital marketing to support your marketing campaigns.

Free online courses

Our free offerings are a good taster for those new to online marketing or curious to explore their digital marketing skills further.

We regularly update our free offerings to serve a range of digital marketing interests, so we hope you find something to enhance your marketing campaigns.

Content marketing

Every aspect of digital marketing involves some kind of content, quality content we hope!
At WHR we provide information, products, and services to execute your content strategy and publish SEO content on your web pages.

Email marketing

All digital marketing professionals will tell you to grow your email list, but how to best utilise your CRM (customer relationship marketing) can vary in context to your individual business. We hope to give you some solid ideas surrounding your pre customer and post nurture phase to maintain a loyal and long-term customer or client base within your email marketing sequences and email nurture strategies.

Social media marketing

Your social media marketing strategy must be congruent with your brand across all platforms.
Whether you want to have an online presence on every social platform or just focus on one or two social handles we aim to give you hints and tips to make managing your social media marketing streamlined and efficient.


What is the best digital marketing course?
Despite what many want you to believe, there is no best digital marketing course.

In an age where we are bombarded with more tools and information than we could ever consume in a lifetime, one size does not fit all and quick wins in digital marketing are often rare.

For those with a limited budget, learning, or at least being aware of a variety of digital skills, will help you increase your ideas and online business strategy to increase your chances of digital marketing success.

Do you offer certificate programs?
We do not offer certified programs.

What we do offer is low cost, low-risk digital information products that might be of interest and enhance your digital marketing skills.

Can I get a refund if I change my mind?
We do not offer refunds on digital books and courses.

As mentioned above, we offer low-cost low-risk digital marketing books and courses.

All information consumed needs to be implemented by the purchaser, and every business, it’s business model and its target market, respond differently.

I don’t want to DIY my marketing campaigns, can you do it for me?


It’s what we do.

You can find out more about all our digital marketing services and pricing on our service page. For more useful digital marketing tips, check out our Youtube Channel.

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